Who We Are


With over 20 years of history, founded in Jaragua do Sul / SC,  Elian Indústria Têxtil, one of the largest clothing manufacturers in Brazil, is available in stores throughout the country and abroad, dressing all generations with comfortable garments full of style, quality and great taste.

Photo: AN Têxtil

Perseverance, love and hard work were the foundation of the Elian business acumen. This vision would become a solid reality in 1990 with the emergence of the Elian brand, in Jaragua do Sul, in the North of Santa Catarina. And so was born Elian Indústria Têxtil.

Over the years with the arrival of new characters and new scenarios, Elian has invested in the latest technology and gained ground in the domestic market.

Today, the company has a workforce of approximately 900 direct employees, a number of partners and suppliers, and features throughout Brazil and abroad, as a reference in newborn, children and adult fashion.

Besides having two Elian Group production units under its belt; an Elian branch and A.N Textile, which were founded five years ago.

Today AN operates an industrial park in Jaragua do Sul and has in its infrastructure the most modern dyeing machines, along with a team of highly trained and employees with up-to-date knowledge. With this, the company has been developing and producing knitwear with high standards of quality and creativity, providing to all states in Brazil.

The industrial park of AN Têxtil covers an area of approximately 5,000m² with a production capacity of 500 tons of fabric per month.

The company is constantly investing in the latest equipment with modern machinery for the textiles and dyeing, wool, rollers, hidrocoolers and rotary printing, including reactive prints. To learn more, log on to: www.antextil.com.br



Joining creativity and technology with social responsibility to dress and charm people.


Cherished by those who wear it. Essential for those who sell it.  A passion fot those who produce it.


Ethics in business.
Human development.
Speed and simplicity.
Commitment to innovation.